May 2018 - Monastic Visit


What is Happening?

The inaugural event for Aranya Refuge will be to host two monastics from Wat Metta for a period of one month.

The Abbot of Wat Metta, Thanissaro Bhikku (Ajaan Geoff) has indicated the two visiting monastics will be Taan Will and Taan Saulo.



The visit is planned for May 1 to May 31, 2018.

During the visit, on Saturdays, there will be an opportunity for those interested to offer food. After the meal, there will be time to meditate with the monks and listen to a recorded talk by Ajaan Geoff.



The monastics will be hosted in Maple Bay, British Columbia. A small community on the east coast of Vancouver Island, a one hour drive north from Victoria, or a one hour drive south from Nanaimo.

Need a ride to visit the Monks on a Saturday in May?

One of the community members has offered to be a ride coordinator for the Saturday meal sharing and meditation. Please fill out the "Ride Sharing Form" if you are in need of a ride or would like to offer a ride.

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