Issue 7: May 2019 plans and reminder of Ajaan Geoff talk Sept 12 2018

Hello Dhamma Friends

The Aranya (Wilderness) Refuge Project organizers are very pleased to announce the plans for hosting two Wat Metta monks for the month of May 2019.

We have secured the rental of a private home in Metchosin. The house is a 35 minute drive west from central Victoria. The house is on 10 acres of forested property in a rural area.

We chose this location as it promises to offer wilderness and solitude to support the monks’ meditation retreat, but still be accessible to supporters. To ensure that the monks receive their requisites, there will be a volunteer male steward at the home.

Feeding the Monks

Buddhist monastics are not permitted to purchase or cook food and must rely on lay people to offer them food.

Lay people gain much merit through this opportunity to make a joyful offering of food.
The monastics contribute by committing themselves to the teachings of the Buddha, offering themselves as living examples of the holy life.

There will be various opportunities for lay supporters to offer food to the monks.

Saturday Gathering: The monks will receive the meal offering at 11 am at a home in Victoria.

Everyone is welcome. The home is on a bus route.

Following the meal offering to the monks and a pot luck shared by participants, we will meditate with the monks.

Sunday: The Victoria Thai community will arrange for the offering of food to the monks on Sunday at the home in Metchosin. Nat Johnstone will coordinate these offerings.

Monday to Friday:  Meal offerings can be brought to the home in Metchosin by 9:45 am. A Meal Coordinator and the Stewards will assist in organizing those who wish to bring food during the week. For those without a vehicle, please be in touch to arrange a ride or to drop off food in Victoria to be offered on your behalf.  

Financial Contributions

We will have greater expenses for the May 2019 visit due to the accommodation costs.
We also pay for the monks’ airfare, food, and other requisites they may need during their visit.
We welcome any amount of financial support you feel inspired to offer.

The Aranya Refuge Project can receive e-transfers, cheques or cash. To arrange financial contributions, please email

Reminder: Ajaan Geoff Talk

September 12 2018 7pm
Finding Refuge in a Troubled World
Ajaan has kindly offered to give a talk in Victoria following his teachings in Bellingham.
Place: Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Road, Victoria, BC

Date: Tuesday Sept 12, 7pm
Freely Offered.  

Donations to support the Aranya Refuge Project and Metta Forest Monastery, can be made at the event.