Issue 8: Update For Monastic Visit 2019


Happy New Year. Hope you are all well and entering 2019 with ease.

Following the success of the visit of monastics from Wat Metta in May 2018, two monks will again come to Vancouver Island. The visit is planned for the month of May 2019.

The abbot of Wat Metta, Ajaan Geoff, has informed us that Tahn Peter and Tahn Tim will be the visiting monks.

The monks will be on retreat.


Organizers have rented a house in Metchosin where the monks will study and practice. The home is in a quiet, forested area, approximately 25 minutes west of Victoria, BC.

Those wishing to offer food on week days may contact organizers to arrange the dropping off of their items in Victoria or at the Metchosin location.

On Saturdays, the monks will be offered a dana meal in at a home in Victoria that is on a bus route. Everyone is welcome to the Saturday meal.

Thank you for your interest and generosity in supporting the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

The Aranya Refuge Project team