Issue 9: Details of Monastic Visit 2019


The Aranya (Wilderness) Refuge Project organizers are honoured to receive Metta Forest Monastery monks, Tahn Peter and Tahn Tim, for the month of May, 2019. The monks will reside at 1295 Boulderpath Road in Metchosin, BC where they will study and practice.

Please join us in welcoming our monastic guests to Vancouver Island.

How you can participate:
You can bring a dish of food to share with the monks.

In Victoria: Saturdays, May 4, 11, 18 and 25. Please arrive by 10:30 am for food offering at 11:00 am
4013 Magdelin St.  The 27/28 bus stops close by.
After the meal offering to the monks, the participants can share the remaining food, and then the monks will meditate with the group and answer questions.

In Metchosin: Monday - Friday Please arrive by 9:30 am for food offering at 10:00 am
On most weekdays in May, food offerings can be made at 1295 Boulderpath Road in Metchosin.

It would be most helpful to contact organizers to pre-arrange food offerings at

Offering food for monastics is considered a virtuous act.
Financial contributions to the Aranya Refuge Project are also welcome. 
Contact organizers at to mail a cheque or to send an e-transfer. 

We are grateful to Ajaan Geoff, abbot of Metta Forest Monastery, for supporting our Vancouver Island community to host monastics. It is an honour to offer requisites to the ordained sangha.

We are also grateful to the two visiting monastics who are willing to travel to Vancouver Island.
We are fortunate to have the volunteer service of stewards who will support the monks.

We are also grateful to the local Thai community who will be supporting the monks by offering meals on the four Sundays in May. 

Aranya Refuge Project Organizers
Brock Brown
Jacqui Balfour 
June Fukushima
John Jordon