Issue 2: Monks arrive May 1

Happy New Year!

The Aranya Refuge project has exciting news to share with you.

Monks arrive May 1  2018
Ajaan Geoff has requested that Taan Will and Taan Saulo, from Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego County, be our first monastic visitors to the Aranya Refuge project on Vancouver Island. Thanks to your generous donations, air flights are booked.
The monks will arrive on May 1 2018 and depart on May 31 2018.

The monks will be on a personal retreat. They will stay at the home of Piriya and David Nowak in Maple Bay, BC. Their home backs onto a nature reserve where the monks will be able to walk in the wilderness. (Aranya means wilderness).

On each Saturday in May the monks will receive their meal offering in the late morning. This will provide an opportunity for visitors to offer food and meditate with the monks after the meal offering.

A Website for Aranya Refuge
We are very happy to announce that we now have a website. Please visit

Anumodana to John Jordan from Victoria, BC who created the website. John shared some of his west coast photos that capture the wilderness of Vancouver Island.  We also wish to thank Ajaan Geoff for sharing his beautiful nature and buddha rupa photos. You will recognize some of the photos from his book covers.

Call for Volunteers
If anyone would be willing to help coordinate ride-sharing, please be in touch.

The Ride Coordinator will be a point person to connect those offering a ride and those looking for a ride. This person is not responsible for ensuring rides.


Please see our new website if you would like to explore more ways to offer support the project.

Thank you for your kind and generous support to sustain the dhamma-vinaya in the west.

The Aranya Refuge Project team