Issue 3: Welcoming the monks of Wat Metta


We are very happy to welcome Taan Will and Taan Saulo from Metta Forest Monastery for the month of May 2018 in Maple Bay, near Duncan, on Vancouver Island, BC.

Dates for Visiting the Monks

You are invited to offer food to the monks and have a short visit with them on Saturdays during May. The specific dates are as follows:

  • May 5
  • May 12
  • May 19
  • May 26

What to Offer

We welcome offerings of food that you feel inspired to contribute.

The monks do not have food allergies.

Please know that meat, chicken, fish, eggs must be cooked (not raw like sushi).

Please check that packaged food does not contain alcohol such as chocolates with liquour.

Please prepare and cook items so they are ready to offer.

If you would like to bring groceries, frozen food, or additional requisites, please email to pre-arrange your gift.

When to Arrive on a Saturday

Please arrive by 10 am.
We will offer the meal at 11 am.

Following the meal offering, the lay participants will share the food as a pot-luck lunch.

When the monks are finished with their meal, we will listen to a short talk by Ajaan Geoff, and meditate with Taan Will and Taan Saulo. There will be some time at the end to engage conversation so that we can get to know each other.

We expect the afternoon will end by 3pm.

Help setting out the food, and cleaning-up after the meal, is welcome.

If you are able to assist the stewards, please come at 9:30 am.

Driving Directions

The home in Maple Bay is approx. 10 minutes from Hwy 1 and Trunk Road in Duncan, BC.
The home is approx. 1 hour drive from Victoria and a 1 hour drive from Nanaimo.

Please email to receive the address and driving directions to the house. 

Ferries from the mainland

(Please check you have the correct ferry schedule for the date you plan to travel as they change during the month of May)

Island ferries

Ride Sharing

John Jordan and Lex Acker have set up a "Ride Sharing Form" on our website.
If you can offer a ride or need a ride, please use this page to make contact with Lex and he will help connect people for rides.

Check Website for Updates

Please check our website for updates.

Thank you for your interest and generosity in supporting the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

The Aranya Refuge Project team