Offer Support

For over 2,500 years, support for monastic life has been provided entirely by lay supporters through daily acts of generosity. If you so wish, there are various ways you can offer support to the Aranya Refuge project. Our focus is on the next Monastic visit scheduled for May 2020.

Financial Dana

  • By cheque

    • Payable to Aranya Refuge.

    • Send to: 4013 Magdelin St.
      Victoria, BC V8N 3M5

  • By e-transfer

  • Currently the Aranya Refuge Project is unable to issue tax deductible receipts for your donations.

  • Any funds raised in excess of expenses for the May 2020 Monastic Visit will support future visits from Wat Metta monastics.

Food Dana

  • During the May 2020 Monastic Visit, you are invited to bring food on Saturday morning public meditations.

  • Food offerings can be for the meal that day or preserved for another day (e.g. a frozen dish).

  • See Issue 3 of our newsletter for more specifics for Food Dana

Supporting the Stewards

  • During the May 2020 Monastic Visit, we would appreciate a few people helping the steward with the meal preparation on Saturday morning.

  • Please email us at aranyarefuge@gmail.com if you would like to help in this way